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Major software updates and content creation for the ship defence simulators (SIMDAV) for the French Navy. In 2017, Antycip Simulation played a major role, alongside Naval Group, a world specialist in naval defence, in upgrading the ship defence simulators (SIMDAV) for the Marine Nationale (French Navy), in the naval ports of Toulon and Brest (France). With these two new simulators, the French Navy can create intervention scenarios in an immersive environment, allowing personnel to train and practice shipboard defence against any kind of threat. The simulators also help evaluate the chain of command, and the response process for missions, helping ship board personnel, at all levels, to better identify, classify and react appropriately to threats. Each simulator provides an immersive solution, allowing defence personnel to train in front of a 270° curved image projected onto a 16m wide dome. After selecting VT MAK’s CGF platform, VR-Forces (for animation and scenarios), and VR-Vantage (for 3D visualisation) simulation software, Naval Group briefed ST Engineering Antycip (formerly Antycip Simulation) to adapt the software to the specific operational needs of the French Navy, as well as the design and implementation of the projection system for the immersive training environment. Marine Simulator Antycip   Read the full press release here Two years later, Antycip has been called upon to update the simulators. These updates can be broken down into 3 categories:

Update of the functioning of the simulator and simulation engine

The VT MAK COTS software solutions chosen by the Naval Group, which are distributed exclusively in Europe by Antycip, were adapted and tailored to match the specific needs of the French Navy. • Integration of a life point system for entities. Before: when an entity was under fire, it was either directly destroyed, or bear no damage at all. With this new update, the state of the entities is evolving : when the entity has 67% life points, it is "fire power killed"which means it cannot shoot anymore. If the entity life points go under 33% the entity is "mobility power killed" which means it cannot move anymore). When the life points reach 0%, the entity is totally destroyed. In the case of a mobility killed flying entity, it will fall out of the sky. • Configuration of "open" entities. We can configure entities that can only move if there is a human driving it. If the human driving it dies while the ship is navigating, it is now possible to configure the behaviour of the ship in two ways:  either it continue its trajectory, or it stops. • Integration of simplified attacks on the carrier boat. The creation of scenarios on the instructor stations during the exercise has been facilitated. On the graphic interface of the simulator, the request of attacks is now faster than in the previous version.  Attacks on the carrier boat from different boats, using  machine guns, canon, or cruise missile are now possible.
  1. All human entities can now shoot with a rocket-launcher (RPG) or a AK47 (included civilians and children...). Shootings on the carrier boat are now possible.
  2. For land vehicles: attacks from machine guns or canons on the carrier boat.
• Development of suicide attacks tasks on the carrier boat by boats or by planes • Improvements of the binoculars simulator: binoculars can now focus on any entity

Modelling of new entities

New models have been created:
  • Modeled boats : cruise boats, ferries, yachts, Breton and Mediterranean fishing boats, civilian boats.
  • Oil rigs
  • Humans : new humans were modelled by MAK for this project and then integrated into the software: new ethnicity, new clothes, new roles (fishermen).
  • DI Guy modelling of animations for humans : new actions like fishing, lifting the line and throwing the line.
SIMDAV Simulator

Modelisation of a new terrain: Gibraltar.

Our team of in-house developers has created a new terrain for Gibraltar for the French Army, with true-to-life accuracy. Modelisation of Gibraltar terrain In consultation with the customer, skilled engineers at ST Engineering Antycip work out the best ways for them to get the most from their unique simulation solutions while leaving them open for future developments and changes.


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