MAK ONE User Conference 2022, UK


The MAK ONE user group community met on the 16th of February with key partners and MAK experts to dive into the software and opportunities to meet other industry participants. It was a great meeting of minds for sharing and gaining inspiration from experiences in training, experimentation, mission rehearsal, research and development.


  • AWE21 and for Command and Staff Training (CAST) | Paddy Little, Technical Director at Cervus
  • The KIXS Simulation Battle Lab – A platform for innovation in M&S technology and applications | Dr. Han Jense, Senior ICT Architect Modelling & Simulation at MINDEF
  • F35 CCD update | Neal Hutchinson, Senior Operational Systems Consultant at Nova Systems International
  • EWAWS for VR-Forces | Devrim Erdem, Managing Director at RTDynamics
  • TDL for VR-Forces: Expanding Capabilities | Murray Gamble, Director of Engineering at CogSim Technologies
  • MAK One use cases & Roadmap | Deb Fullford, Vice President of Sales at MAK Technologies


+100 partners