The past 12 months have flown by for us at ST Engineering Antycip, but we’ve been nothing if not busy.  

2022 has been an intense year full of achievements, milestones, and exciting advancements in the world of simulation and extended reality. 

Let’s take a look back at the year and highlight just some of the amazing things that have happened. 

Celebrating 25 years 

ST Engineering Antycip celebrated 25 years in the industry in 2022, and we cast our gaze back at just some of the incredible advancements and breakthroughs in simulation to recognise just how far we’ve come. 

Simulation a quarter of a century ago is practically child’s play compared to what is now possible—and what may become possible in future.  

Commercially available VR wouldn’t exist for many years yet, and the VR systems that were closest to what we most recognise today were largely research and development tools, such as PTSD therapy tool Virtual Vietnam. 

Today, ST Engineering Antycip works with a huge range of partners to deliver bespoke simulation solutions for governments, universities, and some of the biggest and most influential organisations in the world. 

Team Building in France 

After some of the strangest and most uncertain few years we’ve ever seen, our team was finally able to come together and enjoy social time. In France, no less! 

In such a beautiful location, we got to mingle with well-known faces as well as newer staff who hadn’t had the opportunity to socialise in person. 

We know the importance of building a friendly, confident, and strong team that works well together no matter the differences in location.  

It’s the kind of culture that’s kept us going for 25 years and will do so much longer! 

First in-person event return 

Our presence at conferences and events this year marked an anticipated return to ‘real life’ activities.  

With many organisers taking their events online in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the slow return to physical gatherings across this year brought us back to the exhibitions we had missed. 

We loved being able to continue attending events online through webinars and virtual calls, which allowed us to continue our work with just as much enthusiasm while staying safe. 

Having said that, nothing compares to meeting with friends old and new, brushing shoulders with other big names and talents in our industry, and just being able to fully experience these shows again! They’re essential for us to tell more people about what we do and showcase the incredible potential of our simulation solutions and partners. 

While the internet gives us more options than ever for communicating and collaborating over distance, there’s nothing like meeting face-to-face.  

VR Days at Oxford Brookes University 

State-of-the-art VR CAVES simply have to be experienced to be fully understood.  

Using cutting-edge VR HMDs and Barco projectors, visitors to Oxford Brookes University were able to fully immerse themselves in these incredible simulation environments. 

Not only could visitors experience it for themselves, but multiple users could interact and see each other as virtual avatars at the same time. These collaborative environments mean that users can view datasets, interact with virtual models, and develop ideas simultaneously. 

Being able to set up these live exhibitions of the work we do—and the kinds of environments we can construct—is the best way to bring the realities of simulation to people. They’re fun, awe-inducing, and interactive, making them really stick in the mind and prove their own capabilities. 

Did you know…? 

Even though we’re celebrating 25 years as ST Engineering Antycip, there are plenty of our people celebrating their own milestones! 

Many of our staff this year crossed 10, 15, and even their own 25-year milestones—making one vital member of our staff as longstanding in the industry as the company itself! 

And many more to come 

Celebrating 25 years feels like a huge accomplishment for us, but the most exciting part is that so much has happened in that time, and the future holds so much more. 

Keep watching ST Engineering Antycip for even more incredible projects, exciting exhibitions, and boundary-breaking technological advances in the near future. 

And to find out more about what we do, contact us today. 


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