Scalable releases new version of Network Defense Trainer, with improved features and enhancements to cyber defence training system

Our partner, Scalable Network Technologies, recently announced the availability of version 2.0 of Network Defense Trainer (NDT), an innovative cyber training system. NDT integrates real and simulated cyber-attacks, wired and wireless virtual networks, live and virtual equipment and applications, into a full, instrumented, synthetic cyber warfare training environment. The system allows trainee performance centred on awareness, reaction time and correct action (at all levels), along with the ability to work through a degraded cyber environment and complete a mission, to be monitored and evaluated. The NDT 2.0 release offers a suite of new features that enhance customers’ ability to train for cyber warfare in a combined cyber/kinetic battlespace, including improvements to Exercise Control, Role Player Stations, and After Action-Review. These updates improve functionality that allows cyber warriors, network administrators, commanders and staff to train as they would fight. This improves their awareness, reaction time and ability to take corrective action as they work through degraded cyber environments and successfully complete missions. “NDT 2.0 focuses on training warriors for the combined cyber/kinetic battlefield. Our unique cyber training range provides trainees with the opportunity to apply knowledge in a realistic, high fidelity synthetic environment,” stated Jeff Weaver, Ph.D., Vice President of Engineering. New Functionality The NDT 2.0 release contains new features, performance improvements and enhancements to exercise preparation, enabling trainers to customise lesson plans for each trainee; - New attack template allows for faster development of exercises - Increased support for batch import and export of exercises - Improved firewall configuration wizard - Streamlined After-Action-Review (AAR) management - Improved role player chat interface - Support for Kali Linux version 2.0 for Trainee agent - Improved stability and functionality of the graphical user interface (GUI) If you would like to find out more about NDT 2.0 please contact your ST Engineering Antycip account manager or your regional Antycip Simulation office


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