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Our UK commercial development manager, John Mould, was recently interviewed by Duncan Proctor of Installation magazine, about high-quality VR projects.

Below is one of the questions and answers. A link to the full interview can be found at the end of this article; With its complexities, are there a lot of potential pitfalls for companies looking to get into VR and AR? It always comes down to: who is the customer? What is their objective and focus? What are they trying to achieve? What do they think VR can achieve for them, relevant to their business?
For us, we want to qualify and understand that, and apply a solution that meets their operational objectives and price performance. With systems like TechViz behind us, for example, with which we can leverage over 200 industry-standard applications – we have this capability to easily get customers into VR. That is anyone who comes to us, no matter what application they’ve got, there’s probably a route to get them into VR easily and quickly. We just need to understand their objective and what they need to achieve with VR. Read the full interview here


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