ST Engineering Antycip Delivers ONERA’s State-of-the-art New Flight Simulator

The French aerospace lab’s new flight simulator brings together the latest technologies including 3D capabilities, separate and dynamic POV for pilot and co-pilot, and head and hand tracking.

Paris, France, 1st July 2021 – ONERA, through its Cognitive Engineering and Applied Neuroscience unit (ICNA) based at the Salon-de-Provence Air Base (BA 701), conducts cognitive engineering activities for the development of new Human/System Interaction (HSI) concepts for managing complex systems or operations.

The study of human-system interactions necessarily involves putting the human operator in realistic conditions. For many reasons, both scientific (need to perfectly control all the variables) and practical (such as cost economy and safety), simulation is an essential means to put the human operator in this situation. Therefore, these studies rely on the ability to simulate the real world, prototype innovative interaction modes, and characterise the impact of these new interaction modes on the performance of the human-machine couple...

To meet the requirements of these various studies, ONERA decided to install a flight simulator incorporating a research cockpit for large aircraft such as the Airbus A320 or A350, to immerse the human operator in an environment as close as possible to the real thing, which necessarily involves the visual.

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