Being able to quickly develop, test, and iterate on a design can help add value across a range of sectors. No matter whether you are undertaking a virtual walkthrough of a building, producing a new chassis for a vehicle or designing a new product or element of an existing build – prototyping is an essential step. The advent of technology and computer-aided design (CAD) has made making the leap from drawing to finished product faster than ever. However, while it may be possible to design with greater speed, it is also essential to ensure that you are designing correctly. So, what exactly is virtual prototyping and how can virtual reality be deployed to help refine and add true value to your design approach? Highlights of this free ebook:
  • What is virtual prototyping?
  • The Benefits of virtual prototyping
  • The Virtual prototyping applications
  • The Prototype development using VR
  • The Prototyping Software for VR
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