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AGI announces the release of new products and updates

For many years ST Engineering Antycip (formerly known as Antycip Simulation) has been working with AGI, to help clients in space, aerospace and defence, in getting the most and the best from AGI’s market leading products. Dedicated to support its expanding user base, AGI is releasing several new and updated products: • Systems Tool Kit 11.5. provides four-dimensional modelling, simulation and analysis of objects from land, sea, air and space to evaluate performance. The new release includes support for glTF, multi-function radar, and more. • STK Enterprise Server provides centralized access to dynamic environmental data to ensure the fidelity of visual and analytical outputs and enables collaboration. • STK Radar enhancements allow modelling and performance analysis of phased-array type radar systems with multiple simultaneous tasks. Radar provides thorough analysis and graphic displays of radar systems. • Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA) provides automated satellite threat vulnerability analysis, decreasing risks to satellite missions and increasing survivability against threats by assessing an object’s vulnerability to another object’s actions or events. Space Event Generator (SEG) allows an operator to quickly and accurately create space events and produce observations for simulated space objects. • Voyager is an interactive mission design tool that helps analysts plan and evaluate missions that include an inspector spacecraft operating near and around another spacecraft or resident space object. • Geospatial content server provides a comprehensive enterprise solution for hosting, processing, serving, and analysing terrain and imagery. • Orbit Determination Toolkit (ODTK) Engine 6.6 supports both Linux and Windows environments using new cross-platform libraries that support integration with Matlab, Python, and C++. • Maneuver Processing Tool (MPT) is an ODTK plugin that automatically characterizes non-cooperative manoeuvres. More information can be found on


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