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How to improve Safety & Productivity in Port Terminals - free ebook

Port terminals have become more sophisticated workplace environments thanks to advances in automation.

There are now new methods for improving how they function, with integrated technology driving intelligent solutions to control traffic and maximise efficiency and capacity.

However, these changes also bring with them challenges. Automation is impacting on productivity; there is a shortage of operators with the necessary skills to work in a modern port terminal.

Leveraging our advanced simulation expertise, we deliver a truly integrated simulation-based training solution using CM Lab’s Vortex simulators to the construction and ports industry across Europe.

This guide explains why port terminals need to invest in modern tools and technologies for improving both productivity and safety of the operators.

Key contents:

  • Automation Trends in Port Terminals
  • Improving Safety and Productivity in Port Terminals
  • Tools to drive safety and productivity in Port Terminals
    • Equipment Simulators for Operator Training
    • Instructor Operating Station
    • Intelligent Tools for Training Assessment
    • Training Simulators for Remote Operations
  • Case Study: Port of Auckland
  • Conclusion

Download the ebook on Improving Safety & Productivity in Port Terminals


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