How to set up an Immersive VR room - free ebook

A virtual reality room is a self-contained space that is customised with embedded or portable technology that delivers or enhances a highly immersive multimedia experience. Once inside, individuals can move around with freedom, closely replicating the real world.

A VR CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) uses high-resolution projection screens to deliver a 360-degree visual experience. Equipped with the latest hi-tech hardware and software, ST Engineering Antycip's (formerly known as Antycip Simulation) four-sided immersive virtual reality room is an integrated solution for both VR and 3D visualisations.

A model or prototype can be displayed instantly, encouraging an understanding and appreciation of how they would appear or behave.

This guide describes the stages to go through before installing a VR room, discussing what you need and how to approach achieving a result that meets your precise individual requirements.

Key contents:

  • Projection Surfaces
  • 3D Visualisation Software
  • PC-Image Generator
  • Direct LED & Back Lit LCD Video Walls
  • Graphic Cards
  • Spatial Tracking
  • 3D Stereo Eyewear

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