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Simulation Platforms for Air, Land, Sea, Cyber with MAK Technologies

Simulation platforms offer specialist skills training across a range of sectors, providing technologically advanced, user-friendly and highly effective methods for disseminating, absorbing and applying practical information. As we specialise in simulation, serving the needs of different industries, organisations and institutions, we deliver these advanced solutions through close collaboration with our partners. One of these key partners is our sister company MAK Technologies, pioneering experts in simulation technology for the defence sector. This ebook focuses on the MAK ONE suite of simulation platforms, that creates a comprehensive synthetic environment, where users can experience highly realistic scenarios. It includes:
  • VR-Forces – a computer generated forces (CGF) platform, which offers synthetic air, land, sea and joint environments
  • VR-Engage – a multi-role virtual simulator, which puts users in first-person character, at the heart of the action
  • VR-Vantage – a high-performance image generator
  • VR-Link – a communications simulation toolkit that predicts the behaviour and performance of networks using simulation and emulation
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